Balance 6 Nails Puzzle

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Balance 6 Nails Puzzle. Wooden base / steel nails price:. Just in case you are dying to know how to do it, at the end of this instructable i wi…

Bent Nail Puzzle Mind puzzles, Metal puzzles, Puzzle
Bent Nail Puzzle Mind puzzles, Metal puzzles, Puzzle from

Can you balance 6 nails on the head of one?? Place 6 nails over the pole in perfect balance. Its objective is to put the movable nails in balance on the black one.

Nail puzzle the object of the nail puzzle (figure 81) is to balance six nails on top of the standing nail.

The nails can be taken off the base, except the black one that must be nondetachable. Someone i know handed me this puzzle, i have seen a couple of solutions for it that follow the instructions and don’t involve bending the nails, etc. • never give up • every no is a yes • failures are just learning points along the way • speed is undervalued scouts will need to work as a team, concentrate on asking the right questions of each Here's how you can lower the cg to make a very stable structure and impress your friends.